Commercial padding in films important: Jeevan

Chennai: Cinematographer-turned-director Jeevan is gearing up for the release of Tamil rural drama `Mosakutty` and says that irrespective of the genre, films need to have commercial elements to draw audiences to cinemas.

"It doesn`t matter what kind of film you make. You need commercial padding to attract the masses. Your film could be art-house, a biopic or even a thriller, it ought to appeal audiences commercially. Otherwise, it`s tough to make a profitable venture," Jeevan said.

The lukewarm response to his earlier films such as `Gnabagangal` and "Mayilu" made Jeevan realise the importance of commercial elements in movies.

"I focused too much on the central theme of my earlier films. Hence, they didn`t do well," he said.

"This time I`m not repeating my mistakes. `Mosakutty` has action, romance and even comedy to tick off the entertainment factor. But these elements are used in such a way that they don`t affect the core subject of my film," he added.

The film, which is gearing up for a September release, features Veera, Mahima Nambiar and Pasupathy in important roles.