Filmmaker Goutam Ghose turns actor in `Ekla Akash`

Kolkata: After an intense performance as a poet in ‘Baishe Srabon’, acclaimed director Goutam Ghose has again faced the camera in forthcoming ‘Ekla Akash’.

But the 62-year-old filmmaker has ruled out embracing full time acting.

"Yes, I have acted in two films in a span of two years, but I have no wish to turn a full time actor," Ghose told PTI.

Ghosh had his first acting experience in Buddhadeb Dasgupta`s film "Grihajuddha" 30 years ago. He said when Srijit (Mukherji), director of "Baishe Shraban", requested him to enact a poet`s role in his film he could not say no to him.

"And now I again acted in a film made by Sandipan Roy whom I know for long," the ace film-maker, who recently completed outdoor shooting for his next ambitious project "Shunyo Awnko", said.

After Baishe Shraban, Ghosh said, many acting offers had come his way, but he declined except them "Ekla Akash". It revolves around a modern woman`s quest for identity despite having carved a niche in showbusiness.

"Sure it feels good to encourage and support young directors of Bengal. I agreed to act in the two films only after I discovered something interesting in the characters," Ghose said. Dwelling on Sandipan Ray`s film, he said he found shades of similarities between his own character and that of Satyabrata Ray in "Ekla Akash".

"Satyabrata Ray is happy as his life unfolds, the way I also felt. I liked the way Sandipan dealt with it," he said.

Asked if he was more a director than actor in "Ekla Akash", Ghosh said he knew that he had to perform the role of an actor and it was the director`s call how he envisaged the character.

He said that whenever he made some suggestions on locations, Sandipan promptly incorporated them.

Sandipan said, "Lucky to have such an experienced director like Goutamda who is also an acclaimed cinematographer on my sets and his tips only improved the shots. Also his magnetic eyes have immense appeal from the cinematic point of view."