Rajasekhar finds policeman`s role irresistible

Chennai: Telugu actor Rajasekhar, known for playing dedicated and patriotic policeman in most of his films, says he always looks forward to slip into the khakee uniform on big screen.

"Most memorable roles in my career have been those of a cop I`ve played in several of my films. I don`t discard my other films, but playing cop has always been special because it gives me a sense of pride in the work I`m doing"," Rajasekhar said.

Some of the films in which the actor donned the khakee uniform are ‘Ankusam’, ‘Evadaithe Nakenti’ and ‘Satyameva Jayate’.

He won a Filmfare Award for best actor for his role in ‘Ankusam’.

The 50-year-old, who debuted in 1985 with Telugu film ‘Vande Matharam’, will again be seen as a policeman in his wife Jeevitha`s Telugu directorial venture ‘Mahankali’, an actioner.