Rajini`s daughter Aishwarya finds it difficult to market films

Panaji: This anecdote surely has the makings of one more Rajini joke, to add to one of the many which have had the country in splits off and on.

Life is so tough for young filmmakers, that even the legendary Rajinikanth`s daughter Aishwarya is finding it difficult to push her films in the Hindi-speaking market, despite her father`s pedigree and the power of the "Kolaveri Di" song, which rocked the youtube charts, "viralling" through the country and the world.

Speaking about the travails of young filmmakers in India at the 43rd International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Aishwarya said she found it difficult to market her Tamil and Telugu films in Hindi because of affordability factors.

"I approached satellite TV channels, but according to the law, a movie has to have a multiplex release to then premiere on TV. So even with my family background and the fact that the song I was associated with `Kolaveri Di` went viral on the Internet, I struggle to spread my film," said Aishwarya, who`s married to southern star Dhanush.

A video of Tamil-English song "Kolaveri Di" from the film "3", sung by Dhanush in a recording studio, went viral making it one of the most popular music videos of the decade.

Aishwarya, who already has three films to her credit, said her Tamil and Telugu films could not be marketed in Hindi because she could not afford it, even with her "background and family status".

And like her father, she claimed that the films she made were to entertain people in order to make them "forget their sorrows".

"People have the right to be entertained well and we have to give them something worthwhile," she said.