RGV`s tribute to music maestro Ilayaraja

IANS| Last Updated: Mar 29, 2014, 17:40 PM IST

Hyderabad: Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma says the background score of his upcoming Telegu film `Rowdy` is a tribute to music maestro Ilayaraja.

Varma has worked with the composer in his 1989 film `Shiva` starring Nagarjuna. The filmmaker says he particularly remembers the background score in the scene where Nagarjuna and the girl on the cycle are being chased by goons.

"I have been a huge fan of background scores ever since I became a film buff and one of my all time favourite of music piece is the cycle chase back ground score given by maestro Ilayaraja in my debut film `Shiva`," Varma said in a statement.

"I still can`t forget the goose bumps I got back in 1989 when Ilayaraja was scoring music for that sequence. I wanted to bring the attention to track number 17 in the album `Rowdy` and whoever liked and remembered that cycle chase music in `Shiva`, will enjoy listening to this background track," he said.

The `Satya` director asked music composer Sai Kartik to do an integration of the brilliant cycle chase theme from `Shiva` into the main theme of `Rowdy` and says it turned out to be brilliant.

"As a huge fan of this legendary musician my main interest is to bring back this composition and to express the great idea of the genius Ilayaraja`s 1989 sound track to 2014. This is my salute to Ilayaraja," Varma added.

`Rowdy` stars Mohan Babu and his elder son Vishnu Manchu with Jayasudha and Shanvi Srivastav in pivotal roles. The film will open in US theatres on April 3 and rest of the world on April 4.