Wish to portray Kadombori Devi in film: Rituparna Sengupta

Kolkata: Kadombori Devi, the younger sister-in-law of Rabindranath Tagore, remained one of her dream roles she would love to come her way in a feature film one day, `Mukti` protagonist Rituparna Sengupta says.

"Yes I was in a state of trance. Who would not be. Putting up all those costumes and robes of 19th century Thakurbari Mohila," (women in Tagore household, the post-renaissance gentry), Rituparna said.

She was referring to a dream sequence in the film where the lead character turns into the Bard`s `Chhoto Bouthan` and sways on a swing.

"My dream role is a full-scale portrayal of Kadombori Debi in a feature film She is one of the most intriguing personalities in those times," Rituparna, whose portrayal of a dancer working with prison inmates earned accolades in Muktodhara, said.

"The first time I read about her I was fascinated. And it went on as I kept reading about this lady again," she said.

The `Paromitar Ekdin` actor described her character as having got freedom from her own dependent self on husband and student-lover, being spurned by both at some points of time, and termed `Mukti` as very much today`s film.

Mrinal Sen`s `Discovery`, actor Sreela Majumder described director Reshmi Mitra as a sensitive portrayer of a woman`s quest for identity which she finds at last.