At fifty-eight, David Hasselhoff dating two women

London: Actor David Hasselhoff candidly admits he is dating two girls at the same time but not ready for commitment.

"I have a girlfriend in Paris and a girlfriend in San Francisco, and they`re really close to me. But I`m not ready emotionally to give yet. I tell them, `I need to take time for me, I need to grow and find out who I am totally, before I can take care of you`," Hasselhoff, 58, told a magazine

However, Hasselhoff admits juggling two women is not as much fun as it would seem, reports

"The problem with me is nothing is secret. They say, `What does that girl have that I don`t?` And I`ll say, `She has weekends,` and then she`ll hit me. I`m just being honest, they`ll read about it and they get jealous, because I`m an honest person. I treat them with respect, just as I would like to be treated," he said.


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