Average woman dates dozen men before finding Mr Right

Wellington: An average woman would date dozens of men and shell out thousands of dollars before finding her Mr Right, according to a Kiwi dating expert.

A survey by a British dating site found the average woman goes out with two dozen men and spends more than 2000 pounds before finding that special someone.

But Verity Molloy, owner of Auckland`s Speed Date, claimed that these results are conservative.

Molloy, 37, said that a woman on the prowl for a lengthy period could date "at least" that many suitors.

And Molloy said that she could easily spend 440 dollars to look her best for one of her company``s singles events, although she wouldn`t spend that much for every date.

This could include 40 dollars for a spray tan, 60 dollars for hair, up to 100 dollars on an outfit, 40 dollars for accessories, 100 dollars for taxis and another 100 dollars for drinks.

"Everybody`s different but 4200 dollars is not excessive at all,” the New Zealand Herald quoted her as saying.

The British survey of 2173 women found 7 per cent went on between 41 and 60 dates before finding someone and 1per cent had up to 80.

Sasha Madarasz, dating agent and owner of Auckland matchmaking agency Two`s Company, says most Kiwi women might have between one and five "matches" before finding a relationship, and may go on two or three dates with each person.

She said it was hard to pin down how much money her clients might spend, but suggested women would spend "thousands" making themselves look good.

"If you go on first dates with four men you can wear the same outfit and save money, but if you`re going on three, four, five dates with the same man you`ll want a new outfit each time,” she added.



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