Cheryl Cole calls ex hubby Ashley `tone deaf`

London: Cheryl Cole joked about her former footie star husband Ashley being tone deaf, while giving a radio interview.

Rocking a cute leopard print jumper with skinny jeans and stilettos, the singer smiled away outside Capital Radio and Kiss FM after complaining about how early it was on Twitter.

“Do i look impressed that my call time was 4.30AM ?? Lol .. Looking forward to seeing Lisa and Dave @capitalofficial be there soon!!” she wrote.

The 28-year-old popstar was chatting with Lisa Snowdon and Dave Berry about her new single ‘Call My Name’ which is number one iTunes, since being out for less than 24 hours, and she was so happy that she even allowed a few questions about her ex hubby.

Speaking about the track ‘Screw You,’ which features on her new album, the pop singer said that it isn’t about the Chelsea footie ace.

With lyrics that include “I don’t want you no more, I loved you so much but you never gave a ****”, it was assumed that it had something to do with their split.

“I didn’t have him in mind. But I can see how it is interpreted that way, of course,” the Mirror quoted the singer as saying.

When asked how she’d feel if Ashley recorded a similar song, she jokingly said, “It would be pretty bad as he is tone deaf, he can’t hit a note!”