Dannii Minogue split caused by her parents?

London: Former rugby player Kris Smith reportedly split from singer Dannii Minogue because he was tired of her parents being around.

Smith was upset at Dannii`s parents Ron and Carol constantly being with them and their 21-month-old baby, Ethan, according to a close friend, reported Mirror online.

"Kris is just an easy-going guy. He`s not up for all the stuff that goes along with being part of the Minogue corporation," a source said.

Dannii and Ethan have been staying with Ron and Carol in Australia since the split became public earlier this week.

"She was not aware that Kris had a problem with her parents. She is devastated by the split," the source added.

It was claimed that the argument that led to the couple separating, after four years together, was over a passport holder Smith had bought Dannii as a joke present at Christmas because he thought her old one was tatty from so much travelling.

"There have been a lot of problems and the pair were living separate lives. Dannii is a workaholic, Kris wanted her to slow down and enjoy life a bit more but you don`t tell a Minogue girl that," the source said.

Smith is now believed to be searching for a new home in Melbourne`s South Yarra - close to where he works on Channel 10`s `The Project`.