Forget feminism when it comes to your love life

Washington: Women look at feminism as a way of being equal to men – be it in politics or at work, but two authors are of the opinion that feminism has all but destroyed modern love lives.

The new dating and relationship guide is called ‘The Man Whisperer: A Gentle, Results Orientated Approach to Communication.’

“While modern women have been conditioned to ‘act like men’ in the office in order to climb the corporate ranks and to get ahead, unfortunately women have taken this same masculine attitude with them into their love life,” Fox News quoted author Donna Sozio as telling Pop Tarts.

“When it comes to love, romance, attraction and chemistry – men don’t fall in love with a woman because she is an equal. Men fall in love with women who are their compliment: feminine, sexually available, loving and appreciative,” she added.

Co-author Samantha Brett offers her views on why men often do the dirty on their successful, gorgeous wives with those far less attractive or accomplished.

“These women make men feel good about themselves, they look up to men and are easily impressed. ``Man Whispering`` is all about making a man feel like he is ‘the good guy,’ a woman’s ‘hero’ and that he has the infinite ability to please you,” Brett explained.

“Women should ``whisper`` to him every day about just how special and important he is to her, her family and the community. That’s how women keep their men by their sides instead of in the arms of another woman!”

Another piece of advice - zip the lip when it comes to rattling off your novel-sized list of credentials and achievements.

“The mistake women make is to think that the more they impress a man by regaling fabulously interesting tales of all they have done – the more they will fall in love with him. But men don’t fall in love with accomplishments,” Brett continued.

“He wants nothing more than to be ‘the man’ in the relationship, the one who provides and protects his woman. When a man feels like he is not needed by a woman, his ego gets bruised and he retreats.”

One more thing: apparently women should also quit trying to understand their men.

“Most men’s brains are not wired to receive and compute information intuitively. Rather than fight it, just embrace the mystery. Women should start explaining what they need from men in plain language,” Sozio added.