Here are the six reasons why NOT to marry!

Marriage has positive as well as negative aspects. Read about the reasons why NOT to marry!

Marriage is an ideal and the height of a relationship for many women as well as men. Even if the wedding and the latter marriage is exceptional, there are still some reasons why it is not advisable to marry. A marriage does not mean that you will be blissfully happy, faithful to each other or live happily ever after.

Reason not to marry #1: Marriage is not for the unfaithful

If you`re not a monogamous person, then it is not a good idea to get married and promise eternal fidelity to someone. In this case, marriage means the end of life as you know it and love. You should also not forget that by being unfaithful you can deeply hurt your spouse. So, if you don`t want a monogamous relationship, it is better not to marry.

Reason not to marry #2: Wedding is very expensive

It is unfortunately so that you would need a lot of money to organize a perfect wedding. Is this really something you want and is crucial for your happiness in a relationship? If you think logically, is it worth to spend your life savings for one day of celebration and invite all your relatives which you haven`t seen for ten years? Or would you prefer to spend the money for traveling to some exotic place where you and your partner can spend some unforgettable moments together?

Reason not to marry #3: Marriage is actually just a piece of paper

You and your partner are in a happy monogamous relationship so why do you need a piece of paper from a third person which would prove that you love each other and want to spend the rest of your lives together? It is true that marriage has certain advantages (for example social security), but you can have all of that otherwise, too. Maybe your wish to get married is a result of your friends` constant questioning about marriage?

Reason not to marry #4: Marriage kills spontaneity

Marriage often means that there is no spontaneity left in the lives of spouses. All is planned in advance and promises are made that ``there will be time for that too.`` If you want to have life without obligations then marriage is definitely not for you.

Reason not to marry #5: Marriage is a constant compromise

Compromises are a part of every relationship but after getting married all the decisions become mutual and you cannot afford to not agree with something. This doesn`t apply only to little, trivial things, like what will you have for lunch, but also for much bigger things, for example, where will you live, what kind of a car will you drive, how will you spend your ``common`` money and similar. Are you ready for this?

Reason not to marry #6: Marriage is often followed by - divorce

Unfortunately that`s true. Approx. half of all marriages end in divorce, so the question is, if it is even worth to get married? Besides, a separation or divorce is much more difficult in case you`re married than if you`re only living together. Divorce brings many formalities which you probably don`t want to go through in this painful period of your life.

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