How should a woman deal with husband’s infidelity

London: Actress Julianne Moore has recommended that married women should try talking to their husbands if they suspect infidelity.

The Chloe star, who has been married to second husband Bart Freundlich since 2003, urged ladies not to follow in the footsteps of her character in the film who hires hookers to trap her potential cheating husband.

"Having been married for a long time and having friends who were married a long time I can`t tell you the phone calls I`ve gotten from somebody saying, ``Listen, I have to talk to you about this because I think he`s doing X,``” The Daily Express quoted her as saying.

"You say to them, ``Have you talked to him about it?`` and they haven`t. I think women do that a lot. I think we turn to our friends and say, ``He was out really late? Do you think he`s seeing somebody?``

"I think there is a tendency within relationships to sometimes turn out for information with a girlfriend before you talk to your husband about it. I have seen that a lot; people asking outside the marriage for advice," she added.



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