I felt cheated when I realized Arnie and Marie’s affair: Brigitte Nielsen

London: Danish actress Brigitte Nielsen has revealed all about her passionate romance with Arnold Schwarzenegger during the making of the action film ‘Red Sonja’ in 1985 and how he cheated her for Maria Shriver.

The attraction had been instant “and since we both knew that wouldn’t last beyond the movie, we didn’t hold back”, admitted Nielsen now.

“We wanted to try everything and so we did. There were no restrictions, no promises, nothing, and it was a great time in my life,” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

She and Schwarzenegger was an item during the mid-1980s. He wasn’t married to Shriver at the time, although they were a couple.

“How serious it was with her, I don’t know. He never spoke about her — and the way he was living his life with me, I felt I was the only one. Then I realised about him and Maria and, wow, I felt cheated,” Nielsen said.

“Maybe I wouldn’t have got into it if he said ‘I’m going to marry Maria and this is dead serious’, but he didn’t, and our affair carried on,” she added.

When asked if he ever proposed her for marriage, Nielsen said, “Absolutely not. If he had, he wouldn’t have become Governor of California.”


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