I’m a very strong person: Eva Longoria on surviving marriage break-up

Washington: Eva Longoria has opened up about her marriage split from basketball player Tony Parker, saying that being a “strong person” helped her cope with it.

According to the UK edition of HELLO! magazine, Longoria, 36, insists she is a “survivor” and that even though her relationship with Parker ended in divorce in January she is “grateful” for the experiences she went though.

“I’m a very strong person. Personally I went through a lot, but jumping into my work helped me to get through my personal stuff,” Contactmusic quoted her as saying.

“I’m a survivor, I believe in love, I believe that things are meant to be and that whatever happens is for a reason.

“I’m always grateful for the experiences that I have and I’m also very optimistic about what the future holds.

“I’m at peace with myself, my spirituality, my friends, my family. I have this amazing life, so I’m really happy deep inside my heart.

“Everybody keeps telling me this past year that I’m a different person, that I look younger, more vibrant - I don’t know what’s happened, but I’ll take it,” she added.