Jennifer Aniston’s ‘latest crush’ – Joaquin Phoenix

Wellington: It seems Jennifer Aniston has set her sights on Joaquin Phoenix.

The actress reportedly has a ‘huge crush’ on the actor and is looking forward to go on a date with him.

She is believed to have set up a business meeting with Phoenix after the pair met at a screening of his documentary ‘I``m Still Here’ in August.

Aniston, who have a soft corner for Phoenix since a long time, is reportedly trying to set a date as she finds him hugely attractive.

“He`s single, funny and handsome, and she likes that he is a bit kooky. There have been calls, texts and emails to set up a meeting - ostensibly to cast him in a new movie project - but apparently Jen just wants to spend more time with him because he`s her huge crush,” quoted a source as telling Grazia magazine.

“Even if this was strictly a business meeting, Jen walked away like a love-struck schoolgirl. She`s had a crush on him from a distance for a long time, but after meeting him, she was fascinated by his charisma and presence,” the source added.

Phoenix is reportedly reluctant to get involved in such a high-profile romance, but does enjoy spending time with Aniston.

“They certainly seemed to get on, but he likes to keep a very low-profile, so a romance with Jen would be difficult. However, she``s one of the most eligible girls in Hollywood, so it`s certainly not out of the question that they could become a couple,” said the source.