Josh Hopkins denies he`s dating co-star Courteney Cox

Washington: John Hopkins has finally broken his silence over the romance rumor sparked by photos of him and `Cougar Town` co-star Courtney Cox frolicking together during their vacation in St. Barts.

"I would admit, if I saw that [photo] somewhere, [I`d think] those two must be dating. They`re in St. Barts. I get it,” a website quoted Hopkins as saying in an interview with Access Hollywood Live.

"But the way it happened... [Courteney] said, ``I want to go to the beach. You should come with me to St. Barts.`` I was like.. I don`t know. And then the creator [of `Cougar` Town] Bill Lawrence said, ``If I could go anywhere, I`d go to St. Barts.`` So I said, this sounds great! Let`s do it!" he explained.

But the photos weren`t accurate, Hopkins said. "There were a lot of people with us. But the only ones you see... they just frame us two. So it`s a story. And it`s not true."

"It`s not like I`m so upset about it," he continued. "I mean, she`s really hot. But it`s just not true."


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