Katy Perry wants to befriend Radcliffe

Last Updated: Oct 08, 2013, 08:41 AM IST

Los Angeles: Singer Katy Perry has asked Daniel Radcliffe to call her and says that she would like know the actor, who apparently has a crush on her.

Perry, who is dating singer John Mayer, even sent a message to the `Harry Potter` star to contact her soon.

"Oh please, this isn`t the third grade. Just ring me, Daniel. Don`t be shy, or get your people to call mine if you like," thesun.co.uk quoted Perry as saying.

Although she is in a relationship, she would love to be good friends with Radcliffe.

"I am totally taken so it`s not about that. I think he`s cool and I`d really like to get to know him. We`ll all go out and party," she said.