Kim Kardashian went wig-shopping after divorce

London: Socialite Kim Kardashian had a unique way of lifting her spirits after her divorce from basketballer Kris Humphries. She went on a wig-buying binge.

Kim`s sister Khloe adviced her to have fun and not sulk over the divorce, reports

"My divorce has been really draining, really stressful. I just want to leave this chapter of my life behind me," Kim said on her TV show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians".

Her sister told her: "Don`t dwell on this. We have amazing lives, so let`s go enjoy it and have fun. Who cares!"

Thereafter on the show, Kim is seen in a variety of guises, courtesy her wigs. Each hairpiece makes her look strikingly different.

Kim, who is currently dating rapper Kanye West, married Humphries in August 2011. But she filed for divorce just two months later, citing irreconcilable differences.