Kinshuk Mahajan strikes right balance after marriage

New Delhi: Kinshuk Mahajan, who married his childhood sweetheart Divya three months ago, says life hasn`t changed much since his wedding. His work and home life are well sorted out, with no complaints from his producer, cast or wife.

"Firstly, my habits and lifestyle haven`t changed a bit since marriage. Yes, I do rush home immediately after the shoot but that`s because I rush out to hang out or party with my wife and my close bunch of friends," said Kinshuk.

The actor is currently seen in Zee TV`s ‘Afsar Bitiya’.

"Both of us are young and enjoy our lives just as any other youngster our age would! And I also ensure that at no point is my work compromised. Infact, I did not even go on my honeymoon as we were just about to launch `Afsar Bitiya` immediately after my marriage," he said.

If a source from the sets of the show is to be believed, his wife is non-interfering in his work, and takes good care of him.

"Kinshuk and Divya make a wonderful couple together. She visits the sets often whenever Kinshuk is working for longer hours at a stretch and gets along really well with all the other cast members, especially Shahbaaz Khan, Indira Krishnan and Yash Sinha. Their non-stop banter livens the atmosphere," said the source.