Mickey Rourke never cheated on girlfriend

London: `Wrestler` star Mickey Rourke, who has the reputation of a womaniser, says he has never cheated on his latest girlfriend Anastasia Makarenko because he couldn`t live with himself.

The 57-year-old actor claims he has never been unfaithful to his partner, and insists he never will because he wouldn`t be able to live with himself if he was unfaithful, OK! magazine reported.

"I haven`t cheated on her. I haven`t been that way in 23 years so this is new for me and it`s not easy. Sure, I could do something on the side but I`ve got to live with myself," Rourke said.

"That`s something new for me, being honest in a relationship," he added.

Despite his changed ways, Rourke has not yet thought about marrying the 24-year-old Russian model.

"I haven`t asked her! I haven`t thought about it yet. I`ve only had two girlfriends in my life. I`m either alone or in a relationship for four or five years," he said.

"There was stuff in the paper about me being engaged but it`s just embarrassing for Anna because she is very low key," she added.

The `Iron Man 2` star admits his heart was "closed" when he first met the Russian beauty, but she helped to change his perspective on relationships.

Rourke, who was one of the biggest stars of the 80s before his wild partying and difficult behaviour made him an Hollywood outcast, said, "I thought she was very successful and attractive but my heart`s been closed for many years.

There is still a part of me where I didn`t care about repercussions or being responsible but when it was really dark and there was no daylight the only person I could blame for my
downfall was myself."



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