Paris Jackson says she’s still single despite love tweets

Washington: Michael Jackson’s teenage daughter Paris Jackson has said that the love messages exchanged between her and aspiring rapper Romeo Hodges were “just a joke’” and that she is still single.

After asking her followers to pray for Hodges following a car accident last month, the pair’s friendship appeared to have blossomed into romance this week. When a mutual friend suggested “Yah (sic) should just be girlfriend and boyfriend already” Jackson responded, “idk (I don’t know) Romeo Hodges... are we?”

“Let’s hope it’s a yes... my heart has the answer,” Contactmusic quoted Hodges as saying.

But Jackson cleared the air about her relationship status with a tweet on Friday.

“Dear media, I’m single...! Sincerely, it was a joke,” she tweeted.

Earlier, the 13-year-old had revealed that she and Hodges had a special song, sending followers to Christina Perri’s Twilight love theme ‘A Thousand Years’ video on