Peter Andre dating his back-up dancer?

London: Pop singer Peter Andre has reportedly been dating his 26-year-old back-up dancer, Kristina Macmillan.

The dancer is reported to be 12 years younger to the singer and he has been trying his best to keep it a secret.

According to New! Andre has been coy about the whole relationship as he is not sure whether he was going to be with her or not. But the two have been spotted together on various occasions.

“I don’t want to say if it’s on or off as I just don’t know what I want. I could end up going on a date with her next week. Who knows?” the Daily Mail quoted the singer as saying.

A source close to the star has also revealed that the relationship is ‘more off than on’ at the moment.

“Pete and Kristina were seeing each other, but they’re not right now. Luckily, they’re still really good friends and there’s no awkwardness between them,” the source said.

“Pete thinks she’s a beautiful girl, but it’s one of those situations where they’re probably better off as friends than as lovers,” the source added