Rod Stewart doesn’t like music when making love

London: Rod Stewart has revealed that he doesn’t like music when making love because he needs to concentrate.

The fertile rocker, 65, whose wife Penny Lancaster, 39, is expecting their second child – his eighth – admits that although his ballads may be responsible for a number of intimate evenings he isn’t a fan of romantic tunes.

“I think maybe there could’ve been a few children conceived to Tonight’s The Night,” a news daily quoted Rod as telling

“I tend not to put music on when making love because I need to concentrate. You’d think I’d have gotten it right by now, with seven children [and another on the way], wouldn’t you?” he said.

He adds he has become a better father with age.

“I was working hard at my career when my eldest Kimberly and Sean were born. That was 30 years ago and I was still struggling, so consequently I didn’t see as much of those two as I would like to have,” he said.

“But I think they would probably say Dad’s made it up since. I got another one on the way and Penny and I have decided that, as long as I’m not on tour, then I’ll have to do my nappy duties, which I don’t mind,” he added.