Serial bigamist Emily Horne snares her sixth husband!

London: A serial bigamist from York first hit the headlines two years ago when she was revealed to have had five husbands simultaneously.

And now, Emily Horne has struck again by marrying husband No. 6, after dumping another fiance who is standing by her even though she disappeared to the U.S. for her latest short-lived marriage behind his back, reports the Daily Mail.

Former glamour model Horne, 33, is still legally married to first husband Paul Rigby, whom she wed in 1996 when she was 18.

In the 11 years that followed, she collected four more husbands, including James Matthews, who she married within four weeks of meeting him on a train.

She even served a jail term for bigamy – but none of this deterred her when she met IT worker Stuart Allen last year.

Allen, 27, soon became ‘smitten’ with the brunette who introduced herself as Max, and she agreed to marry him.

But when she went away for a few days, supposedly to visit her father, Allen learned she had actually flown to the U.S. and illegally married policeman Fred Miller, who she had met online.

However, marriage number six fell apart just days into the couple’s honeymoon in Ireland. And Horne is still proclaiming her love for Allen – who is standing by her.