Simon Cowell ‘having second thoughts about getting hitched’

London: If close friends are to believed, one has every reason to doubt if Simon Cowell will ever get married.

"I really don’t know if he will go through with it. If he is really true to himself, he probably won’t," The Mirror quoted Sinitta, a close friend and former lover.

Sinitta said she was shocked when The Mirror broke the news of the earlier this year.

She said, "He always said he never wanted to get married. He surprised us all."

The X Factor judge, 50, who proposed to make-up artist Mezhgan Hussainy, 36, with a 288,000-pound Graff diamond ring on Valentine’s Day, is privately telling pals he has no idea when he will get hitched.

"He``s a bit overwhelmed by the whole marriage thing and has no plans at the moment. He hates everyone talking about it," a source said.

"When Mezhgan and myself decide the time is right, we will make our own plans," Cowell has always insisted.

"There is a fear it will be the longest engagement in history and will never translate into a wedding," another source said.

But a friend added, "They make a great couple and Simon’s intentions are totally genuine."

A spokeswoman said, "We do not comment on Simon’s private life."