Suspicious wives more likely than husbands to check e-mails, SMSes

New York: If you think men tend to sneak around on their wives, then you are probably mistaken, for women too are not far behind.

As it turns out, wives are far more likely than their husbands to read their spouse`s emails and texts when they suspect the other of cheating.

According to London`s Sunday Times, a study of 920 middle aged couples found that 14 per cent of wives checked their husbands` emails, 13 per cent snooped in their significant others` text messages and 10 per cent checked their spouses` browser histories.

As for the men, only eight per cent read their wives` emails, six per cent their text messages and seven per cent their browser histories.

"This contrasts with general research that suggests the women are less technologically skilled than men," the New York Daily News quoted Ellen Helsper, co-author of the study, as saying.

"It seems that they are able to overcome these barriers when they feel that their relationship is at stake," she added.