What all women do to convince men about virginity?

Check out how women deceive men to be virgins and what kind of proofs they use to convince them about their virginity.

In the past, men wanted to see sheets stained with blood as a proof of virginity.

Pierre de Bourdeille, Abbé Et Seigneur (lord) de Brantôme, the author of “La Vies des dames galantes” (Lives of Fair and Gallant Ladies), wrote in the novel that the ladies would sell their virginity better if they stained the sheets with drops of pigeon’s blood… On the second day, the husband would see the sheets and he would be extremely pleased, firmly convinced that it is the virgin blood of his wife.

A blood stained sheet was the proof of virginity

In the distant past, virgins were very much respected. In particular, if it was an arranged marriage where the rich husband showed off to his friends by hanging a blood stained sheet out of the window the next morning. A problem arose if the hymen was poorly developed and very stretchable, which means there was no tearing as well as bleeding. That is why, the husband was convinced that his wife had lied about virginity, which led to major problems and misunderstandings. In particular, if you consider that 15 per cent of women do not bleed when losing virginity.

As a proof of virginity animal blood replaced the real one

As virginity in women used to be very important, young women thought of a number of tricks to deceive their new husbands. One of such tricks was animal blood which was skilfully placed under the bed and poured over a sheet after sexual intercourse. They also used a solution of alum which shrank the mucosa in the vagina and gave the same results as if being a virgin. Therefore, women who were no longer virgins knew how to deceive their partners about their actual state and men had no idea they got quite an experienced woman in the bed.

Today a surgeon can help

Nowadays virginity is not as prestigious as it once was. At least not in the developed parts of the world. However, some men still take pride in being the first for their partners while some men feel a special kind of attraction towards the virgins. They want to be the one who deflowered her on the wedding night and make sure that nobody else touched her before that. That is why, women found a very cunning way to successfully hide the fact that they are no longer virgins. As we are in the new millennium, the tricks with blood and alum would be funny. So, a visit to a surgeon comes in handy and he can more than effectively sew the hymen back, and an already deflowered vagina turns into an intact flower. Anything for a proof of virginity and for a perfect lie on the first wedding night.

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