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Thursday, July 24, 2014 


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Must try scuba diving with sharks: Penelope Cruz 22 May 2014
Is Penelope Cruz the next Bond girl? 15 Apr 2014
As child, Kourtney bullied Kim 26 Jan 2014
Family is always the priority: Penelope Cruz 07 Oct 2013
Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz go topless for film 05 Jul 2013
Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz pose topless together in new movie still 04 Jul 2013
Penelope Cruz expecting second child: US media 02 Feb 2013
Penelope Cruz shows off impressive vocals in music video 30 Jan 2013
Kourtney Kardashian shows off post-baby body in bikinis 28 Jan 2013
I’m what men would call a cheap date, says Penelope Cruz 16 Nov 2012
Campari puts Penelope Cruz`s superstitions to the test in calendar 14 Nov 2012
Kourtney gave birth to baby Penelope by pulling her out with her hands 18 Sep 2012
Motherhood is revolutionary: Penelope Cruz 15 Sep 2012
Tom Cruise was devastated after Penelope Cruz split 10 Sep 2012
Acting in English movies tough for Penelope Cruz 14 Aug 2012
Wax sculpture of Penelope Cruz in Paris museum 27 Jul 2012
Being housewife best thing in world: Penelope Cruz 01 Jul 2012
No crazy diets for Penelope Cruz 26 Jun 2012
Penelope Cruz has no time to worry 26 Jun 2012
Paul McCartney, Penelope Cruz join `Save the Arctic` campaign 23 Jun 2012
Grateful to Woody Allen for giving me great roles: Penelope 19 Jun 2012
Penelope Cruz joins PETA’s campaign against fur trade 02 Feb 2012
Filming of Penelope Cruz`s movie nears conclusion 20 Nov 2011
Bardem, baby accompany Penelope on Bosnia film shoot 09 Sep 2011
Hollywood hottie to romance Aamir in ‘Dhoom 3’? 18 Aug 2011
It`s time to relax, says Penelope Cruz 01 Jun 2011
‘Vicky Cristina Bercelona’ taught me a lot: Penelope Cruz 18 May 2011
`I never want to be afraid of ageing` 15 May 2011
Motherhood changes you says Penelope Cruz 11 May 2011
Woody Allen gifts Penelope Cruz his signature glasses 09 May 2011
Spanish beauty Penelope Cruz once set her hair on fire 05 May 2011
Johnny Depp calls Penelope Cruz ‘a phenomenal mum’ 05 Apr 2011
Working with Penelope is like long road of giggles: Depp 04 Apr 2011
Eva Longoria, Penelope Cruz`s brother enjoy hot date in LA 13 Mar 2011
Eva Longoria dating Penelope Cruz`s brother 08 Feb 2011
Pregnant Penelope Cruz almost hurt at basketball match 27 Dec 2010
English language has been Americanised, says Penelope 15 Nov 2010
Pregnant Penelope struggles with corsets 07 Oct 2010
Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz carry on filming despite chemical scare 05 Oct 2010
No lies about age: Penelope Cruz 26 Jul 2010
How Penelope Cruz landed a cameo in new SATC movie 22 May 2010
Filmmaker snubs Penelope Cruz for new movie 07 May 2010
Gema, one of the most important role: Penelope Cruz 28 Apr 2010
Kirsten Dunst replaces Penelope Cruz in `Melancholia` 17 Apr 2010
Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz donate for Haiti relief 29 Jan 2010
Oscar like the best toy, says Penelope Cruz 28 Jan 2010
Oscar-winning actress Penelope Cruz laughs off sex scenes 18 Dec 2009
Spanish beauty Penelope Cruz to marry next month 26 Nov 2009
Kate Hudson`s son has a crush on Penelope Cruz 21 Nov 2009
9-year-old Penelope Cruz locked herself in hotel room before musical debut 09 Nov 2009
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