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Tuesday, July 22, 2014 

peter andre

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I shaved my legs: Peter Andre 01 Sep 2013
Katie Price congratulates Peter Andre 23 Jul 2013
Peter Andre furious over ex-wife Katie Price`s marriage 24 Jan 2013
Grieving Peter Andre postpones reality show broadcast 23 Dec 2012
Peter Andre mourns brother`s death 18 Dec 2012
Peter Andre to propose girlfriend for marriage? 28 Nov 2012
Change of birthday plans for Peter Andre 19 Sep 2012
My children think Emily is family friend: Peter Andre 13 Sep 2012
Katie Price sues Peter Andre 11 Sep 2012
Katie Price sues ex-hubby Peter Andre for £250K over ‘smear campaign’ 11 Sep 2012
David Beckham good at personal bonding, feels Peter Andre 12 Aug 2012
Age difference irrelevant in love: Peter Andre 26 Jul 2012
I did not remember Father`s Day, says Peter Andre 19 Jun 2012
Singer Peter Andre spreads cancer awareness 18 Apr 2012
Katie Price sues first husband Peter Andre 25 Mar 2012
Andre flies to Australia to support sick brother 23 Feb 2012
Peter Andre to go on ‘caveman’ diet 17 Jan 2012
Katie Price and Peter Andre may reunite for kids’ sake 21 Dec 2011
I`m tortured inside: Peter Andre 13 Dec 2011
Peter Andre superbusy with new coffee shop 15 Nov 2011
Jordan still wants to get back with me, claims ex Peter Andre 09 Oct 2011
Peter Andre confirms he`s dating 04 Oct 2011
Peter Andre ‘to pen a book on frogs for stepson Harvey’ 09 Sep 2011
Katie Price’s new boyfriend is nice, says Peter Andre 26 Jul 2011
Peter Andre’s parents warned him not to get married to Katie Price 15 Jul 2011
Robbie Williams reminds me of Freddie Mercury: Andre 12 Jul 2011
I am getting old, feels singer Peter Andre 04 Jul 2011
I`m thinking of Botox again: Peter Andre 29 Jun 2011
Peter Andre pips Elton John to win Celeb Dad of the Year award 17 Jun 2011
Peter Andre wants ex- girlfriend to organise his kid`s B’day parties 11 Jun 2011
Singer Peter Andre losing his looks 18 May 2011
I`m pure filth in bed, says Peter Andre 21 Apr 2011
‘Single’ Peter Andre says he`s over ex Katie Price, Elen Rivas 21 Apr 2011
Hot blodded Peter Andre is a dirty lover in bed 20 Apr 2011
Singer Peter Andre , Rivas call it quits! 03 Apr 2011
Singer Peter Andre fears waxing 26 Jan 2011
Katie Price and Peter Andre plan family reunion on Christmas 04 Dec 2010
‘I thought I was dead` says sick Peter Andre 29 Nov 2010
Is Peter Andre`s new song about ex-wife? 04 Nov 2010
My son wants me to have a girlfriend: Peter Andre 05 Oct 2010
Jordan advised to increase security 04 Oct 2010
Singer Peter Andre still searching for true romance 29 Sep 2010
Katie Price, Peter Andre to reunite! 14 Sep 2010
Jordan ‘gagged from telling the truth about failed marriage to Peter Andre’ 01 Aug 2010
Jordan ‘may reunite with ex hubby Peter Andre’ 27 Jul 2010
Jordan still wears ex Peter Andre’s wedding ring, but as bangle 16 Jul 2010
Thought I was dying: Peter Andre 14 Jul 2010
Wild party pics led to Peter Andre, Jordan split! 06 Jul 2010
Katie Price to sue Peter Andre? 30 Jun 2010
Facebook is ‘too dangerous’, feels Peter Andre 28 Jun 2010
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