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Thursday, July 24, 2014 


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Ben Affleck struggles with bat suit 20 Jul 2014
Gary Oldman in Kevin Costner starrer `Criminal` 11 Jul 2014
`Batman v Superman` to have more than one villain 04 Jul 2014
Scoot McNairy lands mystery role in `Dawn of Justice` 27 Jun 2014
Daniel Radcliffe wants to play Robin in Ben Affleck`s Batman 24 Jun 2014
I`d be a perfect Robin in `Batman` reboot: Daniel Radcliffe 22 Jun 2014
Batman solo film with Ben Affleck in the offing 21 Jun 2014
Bob Kane gets Hollywood Walk of Fame star 21 Jun 2014
Batman exhibit to open in California 11 Jun 2014
Jaden Smith wore Batman costume at Kim Kardashian`s wedding 10 Jun 2014
`Batman: Arkham Knight` delayed until 2015 04 Jun 2014
Zack Snyder to direct `Justice League` 28 May 2014
Batman celebrates 75th anniversary 18 May 2014
No blackjack for Affleck in Vegas casino 03 May 2014
Zack Snyder reveals how `Man Of Steel 2` became `Batman v Superman` 21 Apr 2014
Ben Affleck is competitive parent: Jennifer Garner 14 Apr 2014
Holly Hunter joins cast of Superman-Batman film 04 Apr 2014
Marvel vs DC is a shame: Chris Evans 21 Mar 2014
`Captain America 3` to collide with Batman/Superman at BO 14 Mar 2014
Katie Holmes back on TV 09 Mar 2014
David Mazouz to play Bruce Wayne in `Batman` prequel 05 Mar 2014
Jada Pinkett Smith joins `Gotham` cast 21 Feb 2014
Affleck not scary enough for Batman: Seth Green 21 Feb 2014
Ben Affleck will do fine as Batman: Gary Oldman 14 Feb 2014
I have no advice for Ben Affleck: Gary Oldman 07 Feb 2014
Jesse Eisenberg to feature in `Man of Steel` sequel 02 Feb 2014
Jesse Eisenberg to play negative role in Batman/Superman film 01 Feb 2014
Michael Keaton says new `Robocop` costume is `sissy suit` 31 Jan 2014
Clooney enjoys working on worst films better than best ones 30 Jan 2014
George Clooney admits being ashamed of nipples on his batsuit 29 Jan 2014
Christian Bale to give up bike racing for his wife 12 Jan 2014
Actress Gal Gadot needs training to become Wonder Woman 28 Dec 2013
Christian Bale denies calling Jennifer Lawrence "bitch" 22 Dec 2013
Jason Momoa for `Batman vs Superman` film? 11 Dec 2013
Gal Gadot to Play Wonder Woman in `Batman Vs Superman` 05 Dec 2013
`Batman vs Superman` finds its Robin in Adam Driver 12 Nov 2013
Jaime Alexander hints at Wonder Woman role 05 Nov 2013
I was reluctant to play Batman: Ben Affleck 28 Oct 2013
Ben Affleck was worried he wouldn`t fit Batman mould 26 Oct 2013
`Superman vs Batman` movie to feature Wonder Woman? 23 Oct 2013
‘Superman vs Batman’ to start filming during US college football game 17 Oct 2013
Quentin Tarantino finds Batman "not very interesting" 12 Oct 2013
`Wonder Woman` to get screen treatment 08 Oct 2013
Raising kids is tough: Chris O`Donnell 08 Oct 2013
Gordon-Levitt not part of `Man of Steel` sequel 04 Oct 2013
`Batman vs Superman` may also feature Wonder Woman 27 Sep 2013
Batman TV prequel to focus on commissioner James Gordon 25 Sep 2013
Ben Affleck will do good as Batman: Stan Lee 22 Sep 2013
I am very tough: Ben Affleck on Batman backlash 18 Sep 2013
`Batman vs. Superman` fans livid over Justin Bieber`s Robin casting joke 17 Sep 2013
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