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Thursday, July 10, 2014 


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The man who attacked Brad Pitt is a habitual prankster! 30 May 2014
Justin Bieber trial delayed until July over Florida charges 24 Apr 2014
LiLo`s mom to perform 100 hrs of community service after pleading guilty to DUI charge 16 Apr 2014
Lee Ryan reveals DUI and drug arrest was `biggest wake-up call` 15 Apr 2014
Cops release pics of Justin Bieber`s tattoos post DUI arrest 05 Mar 2014
Judge blocks release of Justin Bieber`s `penis showing` arrest video 22 Feb 2014
Justin Bieber was frisked by Miami cops during DUI arrest 08 Feb 2014
Miley Cyrus tells Justin Bieber to `pay people to avoid getting in trouble 01 Feb 2014
Justin Bieber`s tests positive for marijuana, prescription medication in DUI arrest 31 Jan 2014
Justin Bieber deportation petition gets 100,000 signatures 30 Jan 2014
Justin Bieber set to be arraigned for DUI charges on Valentine`s Day 29 Jan 2014
Support Bieber, Beliebers: Gaga tells `little monsters` 25 Jan 2014
Justin Bieber cracking under pressure, says Ortega 25 Jan 2014
Justin Bieber risks US deportation 25 Jan 2014
Seth Rogen calls Justin Bieber `piece of s**t` after DUI arrest 24 Jan 2014
Justin Bieber avoiding mum after DUI arrest 24 Jan 2014
Justin Bieber leaves jail after DUI arrest 24 Jan 2014
Justin Bieber urged to go to rehabilation after DUI arrest 24 Jan 2014
Justin Bieber released from jail after arrest 24 Jan 2014
Justin Bieber arrested for drag racing, DUI 23 Jan 2014
Amanda Bynes mentally unstable to stand trial for DUI arrest: Lawyer 25 Sep 2013
Lamar Odom charged with DUI 14 Sep 2013
I am not made of steel: Khloe Kardashian 03 Sep 2013
Lamar Odom arrested for DUI 31 Aug 2013
That `70s Show` star Lisa Robin Kelly arrested for DUI 24 Jun 2013
Erin Brockovich arrested for alleged boating DUI, apologises 11 Jun 2013
Orlando Brown issued another bench warrant in DUI case 14 May 2013
Jim Toth embarrassed to involve Witherspoon in DUI incident 23 Apr 2013
Reese Witherspoon arrested for bad conduct, husband booked for DUI 22 Apr 2013
Hindu leaders urge Selena Gomez to apologise for the bindi error 16 Apr 2013
Bobby Brown turns himself in for his 55-day jail sentence 21 Mar 2013
Maha Kumbh was crash course in Hinduism: French filmmaker 04 Mar 2013
Bobby Brown gets 55-day jail term for DUI 27 Feb 2013
David Hasselhoff`s daughter charged with DUI 09 Feb 2013
Bobby Brown pleads `not guilty` to third DUI 17 Nov 2012
Amanda Bynes pleads not guilty after tweeting Obama for help in DUI case 07 Jun 2012
Amanda Bynes charged with DUI 06 Jun 2012
Ex porn queen Jenna Jameson arrested for DUI 26 May 2012
Amanda Bynes to be charged for DUI 06 May 2012
Julia Roberts on home in India, Hinduism and Bollywood 19 Apr 2012
Bobby Brown pleads not guilty to DUI charges 18 Apr 2012
Amanda Bynes arrested for DUI 07 Apr 2012
Bobby Brown charged with three misdemeanors in DUI case 29 Mar 2012
Bobby Brown released on 5k dollar bail after DUI arrest 27 Mar 2012
Hindus welcome Gaga’s interest in Hinduism 30 Oct 2011
Hindus welcome Gaga’s interest in Hinduism, reincarnation 13 Jul 2011
Thandie Newton admits to affair with Australian director 11 Jun 2011
Russell is into Hinduism: Katy Perry 06 May 2011
Charlie Sheen’s ex-goddess Bree Olson pleads guilty in DUI charge 27 Apr 2011
DUI charges against Aguilera`s beau dropped 19 Apr 2011
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