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Thursday, July 24, 2014 


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Lea Michele `started drinking since she was a toddler` 02 Jun 2014
Simon Cowell reveals smoking and drinking helps his creativity 04 Mar 2014
Lost privilege of drinking responsibly, says Demi Lovato 16 Dec 2013
Miss India Earth 2013 promotes safe drinking water 11 Nov 2013
Olivia Wilde made first move on fiancé 20 Sep 2013
Olivia Wilde volunteered to strip in `Drinking Buddies` 25 Aug 2013
When Anna Kendrick got drunk while filming `Drinking Buddies` 23 Aug 2013
David Arquette starts drinking habit again 20 Aug 2013
Olivia Wilde got beer burn while researching for movie 19 Aug 2013
Psy reveals drinking problem 29 Jul 2013
Angelina and Brad not to invite heavy drinking friends in wedding 25 Jun 2013
Angelina Jolie bans Brad Pitt`s `heavy drinking pals` from wedding 24 Jun 2013
Destroyed myself as actor with my drinking habit: Dharmendra 04 Jun 2013
Beyonce crushes pregnancy rumours with wine-drinking pic 01 Jun 2013
Beyonce Knowles demands $900 drinking straws on tour 01 May 2013
When drinking Ganga water made Gerard Butler fall sick! 28 May 2014
Drinking felt naughty: Vanessa Hudgens 02 Apr 2013
Emma Stone not a fan of Brits swearing, drinking habits 05 Jan 2013
Drinking and debt behind LiLo-mum `fight` 12 Oct 2012
Niall Horan`s drinking worries father 21 Aug 2012
Sarah Harding drinks in moderation now 21 Jul 2012
US man cures erectile dysfunction by drinking wife’s breast milk 29 Jun 2012
Adele opens up about drinking problem in new biography 20 Jun 2012
Demi Moore’s daughter arrested for underage drinking and fake ID 06 Jun 2012
Dolly Ahluwalia had apprehensions over `Vicky Donor` drinking act 28 Apr 2012
Hindi movies `influence` Indian teenagers to drink 20 Apr 2012
Lily Allen unhappy about husband`s drinking habits 16 Apr 2012
Butler nearly drank himself to death 15 Feb 2012
Daniel Radcliffe reveals ‘deconstructive’ drinking past 06 Feb 2012
Radcliffe went to `Harry Potter` shoots beady-eyed 04 Feb 2012
‘No smoking, drinking or stealing’ for MJ’s daughter Paris 11 Jan 2012
Binge drinking ‘contagious among partners’ 19 Dec 2011
Swift doesn’t find getting drunk ‘cute’ 19 Nov 2011
Ronnie Wood ‘determined’ to never drink or take drugs again 15 Nov 2011
Sleeping troubles? Try drinking cherry juice 02 Nov 2011
Amy Winehouse died of ‘five times over limit’ drinking binge 27 Oct 2011
‘Drunkorexia’ may cause long-term health problems in teens 18 Oct 2011
Adolescent’s drinking habits most impacted by romantic partner’s pals’ binges 29 Sep 2011
Teens ‘naturally inclined to taking risks with casual sex and binge drinking’ 19 Sep 2011
Imran Khan files suit against drinking age 14 Sep 2011
‘Tough love’ parenting best to prevent kids from binge drinking 28 Aug 2011
Michael Lohan slams daughter Lindsay, ex-wife Dina for drinking together 27 Aug 2011
Imran preparing to file PIL against drinking age rule 13 Aug 2011
Amy Winehouse told mum ‘I love you’ over lunch before drinking herself to death 25 Jul 2011
Emma Watson had no idea Daniel Radcliffe had drink problem 13 Jul 2011
Amy Winehouse ‘drinking herself to death’ with vodka 09 Jul 2011
Drinking scenes in movies ‘double alcohol use in people’ 07 Jul 2011
Husband helped Lily Allen overcome drinking problem 04 Jul 2011
Drinking too much coffee `can cause hallucinations` 06 Jun 2011
Quit drinking or die, doctors tell Winehouse 31 May 2011
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