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Thursday, August 21, 2014 

ed sheeran

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Ed Sheeran was asked to kiss a fan 04 Jul 2014
Ed Sheeran to sing in TV commercial 26 Jun 2014
Ed Sheeran says new album takes him "outside comfort zone" 29 May 2014
Ed Sheeran to launch hometown youth club 27 May 2014
Ed Sheeran wants Taylor Swift to date Orlando Bloom 15 May 2014
Ed Sheeran hints at collaboration with Rick Ross 16 Apr 2014
Ed Sheeran releases new single 07 Apr 2014
Ed Sheeran stayed rent free at Courteney Cox`s house 25 Mar 2014
Ed Sheeran ranks second on UK`s 2014 weird crush list 12 Feb 2014
Sheeran`s next tattoo inspired by his album 05 Feb 2014
Ed Sheeran rescues kitten 24 Jan 2014
Ed Sheeran plays impromptu pub gig 15 Jan 2014
Ed Sheeran laughs off sexiest male nomination 25 Nov 2013
Ed Sheeran sings for `Hobbit` movie 05 Nov 2013
Ed Sheeran earns 1.3m pounds in a year 08 Oct 2013
Singer Ed Sheeran earns 1.3m pounds in a year 08 Oct 2013
SPOTTED: Ed Sheeran and Ellie Goulding hand in hand 27 Aug 2013
Ed Sheeran show`s tickets sold out in three minutes 25 Aug 2013
Ed Sheeran admires Taylor Swift`s dry sense of humour 14 Aug 2013
Ed Sheeran gives his trophies to friends 20 Jul 2013
I was turned down by record labels: Ed Sheeran 02 Jul 2013
Taylor Swift to offer room to Ed Sheeran in her house? 05 Jun 2013
Ed Sheeran gets 5,000 pounds phone bill 12 May 2013
`Playboy` twins Melissa and Carla Howe to star in Ed Sheeran video 11 May 2013
Ed Sheeran to make his own album 08 May 2013
Ed Sheeran buys ranch near Taylor Swift`s home? 01 Apr 2013
Link-up makes Ed Sheeran feel stud-like 15 Mar 2013
Ed Sheeran banned from using credit card 12 Mar 2013
Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran just discuss music 08 Mar 2013
Ed Sheeran bonds with ex-girlfriend 04 Mar 2013
Taylor Swift invites Ed Sheeran to tour with her 30 Oct 2012
Ed Sheeran wants girlfriend 28 Sep 2012
Pink Floyd to perform with Ed Sheeran at Olympics 03 Aug 2012
Van Gogh painting inspires Ed Sheeran`s new tattoo 28 Jul 2012
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