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Wednesday, July 23, 2014 


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Is J.Lo planning to dump toyboy amid transsexual sexting scandal? 03 Jun 2014
How to make your relationship cheat-proof 17 Apr 2014
Men enjoy shopping, but many don``t like strip clubs - poll 22 Jan 2014
Keith Urban admits `sexting` Nicole Kidman 30 Oct 2013
Martha Stewart confesses to `sexting` and says she `maybe` had a threesome 28 Jun 2013
`Sexting` common among urban minority youth 02 Mar 2013
6 biggest online dating mistakes men make revealed 04 Nov 2012
Salma Hayek admits to sexting hubby 27 Sep 2012
`Sexting` putting girls at risk of bullying and sexual abuse 25 Apr 2012
`Sexting` putting girls at risk of bullying and sexual abuse 25 Apr 2012
47pc adults send `sext messages` to their partners 20 Apr 2012
Online dating scammers want money, not love 29 Mar 2012
Celeb nude photo scandals ‘may be contributing to young women sexting’ 19 Feb 2012
Khloe Kardashian reveals hubby’s ‘sexting’ trouble 04 Oct 2011
How celebrity ‘sexting’ scandals drive teens to do the same 03 Oct 2011
Teens being pressured into ‘sexting’ in bid to ‘fit in’ with pervasive trend 30 Sep 2011
Sexting has got official sanction, you may retweet it 21 Aug 2011
‘Women sext more than men’ 18 Jul 2011
Sexting can’t substitute physical, face-to-face sexual relationships 21 Jun 2011
Are youngsters indulging in healthy ‘sexting’? 16 May 2011
The worrying trend of `sexting` 27 Mar 2011
Miley Cyrus ‘sexting’ Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill 09 Mar 2011
Youngsters warned over dangers of `sexting` 08 Feb 2011
Marriage of Tony Parker’s ‘sexting partner’ also collapsing 19 Nov 2010
Naked starlets encouraging sexting among Oz teens 28 Oct 2010
Kendra Wilkinson says ‘sexting’ keeps her long-distance marriage going 28 Oct 2010
App to stop users from `sexting` on iPhones 14 Oct 2010
How to handle cyber bullying, sexting 22 Aug 2010
Robert Pattinson ‘sexting, sleeping’ with Leighton Meester 14 Apr 2010
Tweets, sexting "unfriended" in US banned word list 31 Dec 2009
Safe "sexting?" No such thing, teens warned 04 May 2009
Parents urged to stop kids’ ‘sexting’ 03 May 2009
15yr facing porn charges for ‘sexting’ 21 Feb 2009
‘Sexting’ on the rise among girls 02 Feb 2009
“Sexting” on the rise Down Under 10 Jul 2008
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