Katie Holmes `no longer surly` post split from Cruise

Updated: Jul 04, 2012, 18:02 PM IST

Washington: Katie Holmes, who recently filed for divorce from husband of five years Tom Cruise, has a whole new attitude post split, it has been revealed.

This was revealed by multiple employees of Holmes’ local Whole Foods supermarket in New York City, where’s she’s regularly shopped for the past year.

“In the last few weeks she was, well, not very nice when she came in,” Fox News quoted one employee as saying.

“But now, she actually smiles and even let customers take pics of her and Suri,” the employee said.

“It’s like a weight has lifted. Now she seems normal -- well, almost normal,” another employee said.

Two or three weeks ago, employees said the 33-year-old actress, shopping alone, got into an angry altercation with one of the cashiers.

That cashier hasn’t been seen since, and employees believe Katie may have got him fired or transferred to another store.

However, in recent days her attitude has shifted and now “she even smiles and is somewhat polite. She even let a customer take a pic of her and Suri,” said another shelf stocker.

“I guess since she filed for divorce, she’s no longer surly,” one posited.

“Katie’s got her groove back,” another complimented.

Employees said they’ve seen Katie shopping alone, with Suri, and with a female friend with a kid about Suri’s age. They said they`d never seen her with another man, and nobody had seen Tom in the store or in the neighbourhood.