Five must do things in Puri, Orissa

Orissa is a state full of beautiful temples and is a history buff's paradise. And a must visit place in the state is Puri. Here are five things you must do there:

By Aparna Mudi | Updated: Jun 05, 2015, 19:21 PM IST
Five must do things in Puri, Orissa
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Orissa is a state full of beautiful temples and is a history buff's paradise. And a must visit place in the state is Puri. The abode of Jagannath, Balaram and Subhdra. Not only is the town adorned with ornate temples it also houses some very beautiful traditional crafts.

Here are five things you must do in Puri :

Jagannath Puri:

The sacred Hindu temple dedicated to Jagannath is beautiful to look at. Non Hindus are not allowed to enter but even from the outside the temple is exquisite.

It is part of the char dham yatra of that Hindus must make in their lives and is dedicated to Krishna, his sister Subhadra and his brother Balarama.

The Pancha Tirtha of Puri

Pilgrims in Puri must visit the five sacred water bodies And bathe in them ritually. Starting from Markandeya Tank the water body is around four acres in size with the Markandeshwar Temple dedicated to Shiva situated beside it. Indradyumana Tank islocated near the Gundicha Temple. Rohini Kunda is the sacred well within the Jagannath Temple premises. Swetaganga Tank is located to the south of Nilachal. Mahodadhi or the sea is considered a sacred bathing spot in the Swargadwar area, Bay Of Bengal.

Puri Beach

The beautiful beach of Puri always has somebody or the other flocking to sea the immense Bay of Bengal. The beach is quite picturesque and one might also catch the world famous Sand Artist Sudarshan Patnaik making one of his great creations live.

Festivals of Puri 

Since it is the land of temples, Puri also has a lot of cultural and festive activiti going on throughout the year. The Rath Yatra is the biggest of them all. The grand road is emptied of cars and the entire city pours in to watch Jagannath with his brother and sister travel on a chariot pulled by the bhakts. People also come in from world over to witness this massive festival.

Shopping and food

Orissa has a unique cuisine with vegetarian and non vegetarian food on the menu. While the fresh fish and seafood from the sea is delectable, the vegetarian food too is unique. The street food found in Puri is unmatched.

Also one cannot miss the crafts found around Puri. Look for filigree silver jewellery and also buy Sambhalpuri and Bomkai weavers will dazzle you with their intricate work.