Wild Mahseer

Avril- Ann Braganza

Do you love chai? Is its very fragrance intoxicating? Do you get cranky if you don`t get your cuppa on time? Wild Mahseer, nestled in the Balipara division of the Addabarie Tea Estate, in Assam, Northeast India`s most popular tea growing state, is a tea lover`s dream.

You could run your fingers through the tea leaves as you stroll through the tea gardens. There`s an elephant waiting to chauffeur you to your afternoon tea party. You could also spend some time figuring out exactly what goes into the making of your favourite brew at the tea factory nearby. If you`re a more hands on traveller, the tea plucking season, which extends from May to October is the best time to visit.

Whether you opt for an individual room, one of the five bungalows named after teas or at the heritage bungalow, this is an experience you won`t forget. A chance to immerse yourself in the time and style of the British planters that this boutique resort offers, is rare indeed.