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World Environment Day
India is the Global Host of World Environment Day 2011 and this year's theme 'Forests: Nature at Your Service' was chosen to encourage forest conservation and sustainable consumption for green growth and in support of the UN International Year of Forests initiative.
Harmful substances and hazardous waste- a threat to the environment!
A lot is still needed to be done to understand and find ways to reduce and mitigate the effects of harmful substances and hazardous waste on human health and the environment.
Call to check industrial pollution in Ganga
The water resources, river development and Ganga rejuvenation ministry and the envi
Forest officials justify shooting tiger which killed humans
The Maharashtra Forest Department justified shooting down a tiger on Tuesday evenin
South West Monsoon in `break` mode, north to get `subdued rain`
The South West Monsoon has gone into a "break" and the situation is likely to cont
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Men versus Environment
The interrelation between man and nature is such that any alteration in the environment cannot only detriment normal existence but can also pose a threat to the human race.
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Save the Forest!
Although, forests have always been of great significance to humans, the green pastures of the priceless terrain have been degrading by the hour due to damage done by men, fire and other natural calamities.
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Tiger Census and the Habitat
Bringing smile to the face of conservationists, India's 2011 Tiger census shows a major rise in their numbers at 1,706 against 1,411 in 2006, an increase of 295 tigers.
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Jaitapur : Disaster in waiting?
Despite protests and grave environmental concerns, the Government of India has given a green signal to the 9,900 MW Jaitapur power project-dubbed to be the biggest in the world.
Desertification dilemma
One of the major cause of desertification is overgrazing due to the use of fences which has prevented the livestock from moving in response to availability of food.
Go green in office-help the environment!
A perfect workplace is more energy efficient, eco-friendly and enjoyable.
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Go green between the sheets!
Truly said there is nothing better than having great sex. You’re oh-so-good at being green, but is your sex life?
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World Environment Day
Global climate change affecting world in its worst way
Video My conversations with Mr. S
With his golden face around, he sheds a warm look among the ivy’s inmost nook.
Forest Around the World
Top Disasters
Forum - Go GreenWorldTips
  • As India hosts the global event 'World Environment Day 2011 on June 5, for “embracing the process of a transition to a Green Economy” for the first time, share your ideas on what you can do for the planet earth.
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