A healing hand

Updated: Jan 30, 2014, 13:16 PM IST

The proverb ‘self-help is the best help’ stand true today more than ever, even when it comes to cure that pain in the neck. Giridhar Luthria, a practitioner of self-healing tells Gauri Rane how.

A visit to Giridhar Luthria’s office in Mayur Villa’s at Juhu will welcome you with posters that have diagrams of a palm or a foot marking out various organs of a human body and telling you which point on your palm is directly connected to which joint/ organ and how the self-healing therapy administered and taught by Luthria can help you.

The number of people suffering from problems like weak eyesight, joint pains and back aches is ever increasing. Popping antibiotics and pills brings in relief, “But it is temporary,” says Luthria. “An ankle that hurts, a knee that must have jerked, a throbbing backache, weak eyesight and even a nagging cough – all can be healed without taking pills,” says Luthria, a practitioner of Su-Jok, a therapy of self-healing.

Going back to 1998, Luthria says that he was introduced to Johrei—a Japanese form of healing developed by Mokichi Okada. This form of healing believes that the use of “divine light” can cure a patient off spiritual impurities that cause various ailments. “A family member who suffered three slip discs and was about to undergo surgery got cured by this healing therapy in just about one and half month,” says Luthria, justifying his belief in alternative healing. This personal experience encouraged him study Johrei through which he was able to help quite a few people amongst his family and friends.

However, practicing Joheri is a difficult task. “Since the basis of this form of healing is based on spiritual purity there are strict rules that the practitioner has to follow,” says the octogenarian. The motive behind of practicing self-healing therapy is that more and more people become aware of how to deal with regular ailments. “It would be a rarity to find anyone with such high level of spiritual purity to practice Johrei,” he says.

To make sure that his innate belief of spreading the art of self-healing to a maximum number of people Luthria studied Su-Jok. Su-Jok literally means the study of Su - the hand and Jok – the foot. “In this form of healing, a palm represents a human body, the index and little finger are the arms; the tallman and ring finger are the limbs and, the thumb represents the head,” explains Luthria. He adds that the therapy is a simple art that can be learnt and practiced by anybody irrespective of age, occupation, religion or spiritual belief.

So, what should one do for a regular cough that has gone worse? “Simply use the ring (an instrument that comes within a kit provided for individuals to practice Su-Jok) and roll it over your thumb exactly at a point where the first digit bows,” informs Luthria adding that a strong rolling of the ring can result in immediate relief.

Luthria says that a lot of ailments can be cured by food ingredients found in one’s kitchen. For instance weak eyesight, “Like drawing eyes on your thumb, keep two pepper corns pasted on your thumb through the night and you can be rest assured that within a few days you will start noticing a difference,” says Luthria who has been conducting numerous workshops/ camps to promote the therapy.

It may seem like some magic trick and pasting pepper corns for eyesight or using methi seeds to cure cough or ease the back pain may become frustrating after a point. But, one will only believe once you experience it. “My only motive is to provide an alternative to people who need immediate relief and of course if they continue the therapy they can get long term relief as well,” says Luthria adding that self-help is the best quick help one can get.

To know more about this form of self-healing visit: http://sujoktherapy.com/