All controversies happen at night: Akshay Kumar

Updated: Jun 05, 2012, 16:37 PM IST

Sonakshi Sinha burst on the silver screen as a refreshing face in Salman Khan’s blockbuster ‘Dabangg’ and Akshay Kumar is the original ‘Khiladi’ of Bollywood. In a candid chat with Swati Chaturvedi of on her show Kahiye Janab, stars of the latest flick ‘Rowdy Rathore’ share their views on the controversies surrounding actors, the pressure on them to be politically correct and the masala movies that are being churned out regularly.

Here are the excerpts:

Swati: Why do film actors indulge in so much rowdy-ism nowadays?

Akshay: All of us have a bit of rowdy-ism in us. But in my latest film, the character is simple-hearted and helps people. You can call him a sort of Robin Hood.

Swati: You dodged my question. I will give you few examples. What Shah Rukh Khan did at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, what Saif Ali Khan did in a pub, has become common. The people of this country love their stars. Is what is happening right?

Akshay: There must be some reason behind what happened. We don’t know whether it was right or wrong. We saw two clippings but nobody knows what happened exactly. There is always a reason for brawl. It may have been anyone’s fault. We can’t say what happened.

Swati: There is so much pressure on actors. Wherever you go, you are always in the limelight. Cricket and films are like religion in this country. Do you think there is a need to be politically correct all the time, to ensure that you don’t cross the line?

Akshay: My endeavour is not to get into any brawls and fights. If ever I get into any untoward incident, I prefer to go away from that place. But if I get caught in a situation where I need to do something to save myself or others, then I am left with no option.

Sonakshi: Definitely the pressure is there. Because people follow us and consider us role models, we have to be at our best behaviour for our fans and people who love us. People get to know about the activities of the celebrities as much is written about them. But it is part of the package.

Swati: Akshay, how do you decide on doing a particular film?

Akshay: If I like the script, the producer, the director, then I do the film.

Swati: Sonakshi, this is your second film after ‘Dabangg’. The feel of ‘Rowdy Rathore’ is almost similar. Is it ‘Dabangg’ Part-II?

Sonakshi: This is not like ‘Dabangg’ at all. The story is different. Only two common factors are there – Akshay’s moustache and me.

Swati: After ‘Dabangg’, we had ‘Singham’ and now your new movie. It seems that there is a mould in which everyone is fitting their moustache and Sonakshi.

Akshay: This is a remake. This film was made 6-7 years back. It is not about fitting into a mould.

Swati: Sonakshi, this is your second film. You worked with Salman Khan and now Akshay Kuamr - both are much elder to you.

Sonakshi: All this talk is just a number and nothing else.

Swati: Akshay, you are not into controversies. How come?

Akshay: I believe that all controversies happen at night. And I sleep at nine in the night and get up at four in the morning. This has been my routine even before I joined films.

Swati: The first time you appeared on our show, you said that after 108 films even a fool learns how to act.

Akshay: Now I can say 125 films. When I first faced the camera I had no clue about anything. I once read somewhere - if you want to be a good actor, be a good human being and you will learn how to act. I learnt from everyone, whether comedy or action. I have worked with all the big directors, actors and actresses. Mine is a rag to riches story.

Swati: Sonakshi, most people desire to be an actor. You are Shatrughan Sinha’s daughter. Was it easy for you?

Sonakshi: I should not be questioned because I am Mr Sinha’s daughter. Yes, I didn’t have to go through the struggle which Akshay had to go through. But if I did not have talent, I would not have got another movie. However, I didn’t want to be an actor. I was studying fashion designing. When I got the offer for ‘Dabangg’, I did the film because Salman and Arbaaz Khan were family friends. It was an offer which I could not refuse. I can say destiny had other plans for me. Now I have let go of all my previous plans.

Adapted by Manisha Singh