I will tie the knot when Salman Khan does: Neha Dhupia

Actress Neha Dhupia, who was appreciated for her confident performance in ‘I M 24’ is raring to be seen on the marquee once again in ‘Rush’. The former Miss India spoke to Resham Sengar of Zeenews.com as she sat looking pretty as always in a short skirt, white chic top, black blazer and a swipe of red colour on her lips. And her cheeky answer on her marriage prospect is not to be missed!

What is special about your new film with Emraan Hashmi, ‘Rush’?
The film is a story of Sam, who is a crime reporter. He goes through a lot of ups and downs in his career. The character I play is named Liza who is completely responsible for the ups and downs in Sam’s life. She works for a media tycoon and knows her job really well. Liza has the ability to use her mind and body to achieve whatever she wants to. The best thing is that she does in the film is to hire Sam to work as a crime reporter. The movie shows how far Emraan’s character Sam is used by those above him for their selfish motives and how far Sam is able to resist the temptations.
Basically, our film is about sensationalising. We are trying to demarcate news and sensationalism through this film. We have raised a question on media’s accountability by way of ‘Rush’.

You did a lot of commercial films when you entered Bollywood. But in the last few years you were seen doing a lot of off-beat films as well such as ‘I M 24’ etcetera. So, is that a deliberate step to change your image to a non-commercial heroine? If yes, then why?
No, there is no deliberate step from my end. Whether the audience reacts or not is entirely up to them. I am not a brooding actor who sits at home and plans the next role she would do. I don’t have a line of producers and directors standing outside my home. I have to choose the best among the scripts that I get. And if I am inclined towards those scripts then it is just like any another phase in my life. I am enjoying doing cool and idealistic films. Now, I have a film like ‘Rush’ which is extremely dear to me and after that I have to shoot for ‘Ungli’.

You are visible at a lot of events, bashes and brand promotions these days more than ever. Does that help in staying in news in the absence of a good film role?
Well, if you are not a newsmaker then nobody is going to pay you to come to an event or hire you. If you are consequential enough to sell a product, then clearly you are doing something right. So, there is nothing wrong in being at an event.

Do former Miss Indias have an edge over the new ones when it comes to getting film roles?
One does not get a role because of the Miss India tag. It does not work like that. It all depends on the need of the hour or the person’s experience. It is a trend created by the media because most of Miss India’s ended up becoming actresses in the past. But Bollywood and the Miss India tag are really not connected. Yes, winning the pageant does help in getting into the acting business because it gives a lot of exposure and confidence thereby making one look good on camera.

Being a Delhite, how often do you visit Delhi? What is your favorite memory of growing up in the city?
My fondest memory is definitely of school and college. I have tons of friends here and come back here every fortnight. Plus, my parents are here too. So it cannot get better than this.

When can we see Neha Dhupia tying the knot?
Tying the knot! (Laughs) When Salman (Khan) does.

What are your plans for Navratri, Dusherra and Diwali?
I am not a festival person but my warm season’s greetings to all your readers. I will be eating great food and spending time with my family. But I won’t be bursting fire crackers because they create lot of pollution.

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