My collection is all about comfort and smart casuals: Zubair Kirmani

Last Updated: Sep 13, 2009, 15:13 PM IST

In an industry where designers are often changing their muse and looking for inspirations, Zubair Kirmani stands out for his individuality and original concepts. The much celebrated designer who has won rave reviews for his spectacular designs doesn’t believe in repeating his creations as for him his collections are a form of art. Showcasing his work at India’s first Men’s Fashion Week,Zubair Kirmani spoke to Tanu Talwar of about his target audience and the motivation behind his work.

Tanu: Why do you think it has taken so long for India to have a Men’s Fashion Week?

Kirmani: I do feel that Men’s Fashion Week should have happened a couple of years ago but now is not a bad time either. In fact it has been only ten years since fashion industry has become such a big business in India and men’s fashion has become more global since the past 5 years. So I feel we are behind 5 years but overall it’s a great time for men’s fashion.

Tanu: What is the biggest USP of your collection?

Kirmani: My collection is all about comfort and smart casuals. My designs have clean lines and modish styles. It’s a mixed line that can serve many purposes. My range has sports-wear, textured t-shirts, sleek pants. It’s classy and at the same time chic. Unlike many designer wears my creations are very much wearable as they are not too loud.

Tanu: What do you derive your inspiration from?

Kirmani: It depends. Many things inspire me. But mostly my creations are inspired by how I feel. All my designs are very special to me.

Tanu: Who is your favourite international designer?

Kirmani: I like many for the design sensibility and concept but it’s mostly Isse Miyake.

Tanu: Who is your target audience?

Kirmani: Well, I wish I could say that my designs are for the masses, but they are not, considering there price range. Mostly it’s for artists, painters, musicians and professionals who can understand my designs. For me they are not just clothes but a form of art. Only those who truly relate to my art will be able to carry it of well.

Tanu: So what’s next?

Kirmani: I am looking forward to the Wills India Fashion Week. And you’ll see a lot of graphic designs in my creations.

Tanu: What colours will rule the Spring Summer Fashion shows?

Kirmani: Mostly bright colours. Red, purples, pink and ivory are going to be really in.

Tanu: Do you think most designer wear in not wearable?

Kirmani: Well yes. Sometime we derive inspirations which are interesting to see on ramp but not in real life. But most of my designs are wearable. I design what appeals to me keeping the audience sensibility in mind.