Single but not ready to mingle, says VJ Ranvijay

Humble at heart and strong by will, Ranvijay Singh, the uber hot bod MTV VJ has become the most sought after telly personality. Hosting the show ‘Roadies’, which turned him into an overnight sensation, Ranvijay has been hailed as a youth icon by millions across the country. Going places already, the young stunner has his hands full with movies and shows. The grounded yet dishy hunk spoke to Tanu Talwar of about his unrealized dream to join the Army and the show that made him a star.

Tanu: You have been touted as a youth icon. How do you react to the title?

Ranvijay: For some bizarre reason, I have been called a youth icon. I don’t know from where has this title come up because I feel a huge onus lies on me in representing today’s youth. But I am trying my best to be an ideal role model and do justice to this title.

Tanu: What’s the kind of message and inspiration you want the youth to draw from you?

Ranvijay: I don’t think that I am perfect. In fact I try my best each day to become a better person. But as the youth of the country look up to me, I just want to tell them to join the Army - that is the best job for them today. I really feel that the youth of our country should take to the Army. One can do BBA, MBA join a Multinational company yet not get the kind of pay and respect that Army gets.

The second message I would like to give out is always drive a bike wearing a helmet. It’s the only thing that can protect you in a time of an accident.

And lastly, please don’t drink and drive.

Tanu: Did you ever drink and drive?

Ranvijay: Not now, but I did it once and paid a huge price for it. It was a bad experience and I want people to draw inspiration from my experience.

Tanu: How did ‘Roadie’ happen?

Ranvijay: Frankly speaking, I never wanted to come under the spotlight. I took up ‘Roadie’ because I wanted to win the bike ‘Karizma’; which, according to me, is the best bike. So, destiny took its turn and I became what I am today.

Tanu: If not a VJ, you would be…

Ranvijay: I would have definitely joined the Army- like everybody else in my family. We have all served the nation. And I was on my way to joining the Army when ‘Roadies’ happened.

Tanu: What’s the best thing about ‘Roadies’?

Ranvijay: I feel that it’s the best platform to judge one’s physical strength. In fact it’s the only non-violent way to test one’s physical and metal strength.

Tanu: You are starring in a flick with Salman and Ajay. How was the experience?

Ranvijay: As much as I would love to talk about the film, I can’t - as of now. Lets just wait and watch out for it.

Tanu: You have become a columnist for a news daily; will you be looking at blogging, too?

Ranvijay: I never thought that people would like to read what I write. I have changed 9 schools, so 9 different set of teachers have worked on me and when readers praised my column I just felt that somewhere their efforts have paid off. As for blogging, let’s see.

Tanu: As a youth icon, what’s your take on the recent pub bash act in Mangalore?

Ranvijay: I am strongly against all such acts. I believe in complete freedom for women and I feel really sad that today the cities, that were once known as pub cities, have banned women’s entry.

Tanu: There is one question that all ladies want to know- Is Ranvijay single?

Ranvijay: Yes, very much.

Tanu: And ready to mingle?

Ranvijay: Nope. Not, as of now. There was a time when I was always ready to get into a relationship but today I just want to work and only work.

Tanu: So no V-day plans?

Ranvijay: (laughs) Sadly, there are none. I will be traveling around the country on work assignments.

Tanu: Tell us about your association with Fastrack?

Ranvijay: Well they have come up with this really cool collection of Army watches. They are really trendy and fashionable. MTV and ‘Fastrack’ are holding a contest in several cities to promote this range at the same time spreading awareness about the Indian Army.