Skin care in summer

By Bharti Taneja | Last Updated: Jun 28, 2013, 18:30 PM IST

Bharti Taneja

A hectic trans-continental itinerary for a corporate high-flyer or a chilled out Caribbean cruise vacation for a retiree - skin care concerns all travellers and none more so than those who are always on the move. Read on to find some easy solutions to your skin care concerns while flying all over the circuit.

Fluids and Food

• Water is the essential ingredients for life. Nothing beats it when it comes to hydration –something that your body needs quite a lot during summer. There should always be a bottle of water in your handbag.

• Nutritious liquids like fruit juices, buttermilk, lime water and any other naturally cooling drinks are very good for summer. They replenish the body, give it essential vitamins and are very tasty. Drink as much of these as you can.

• Stick with the foods you know and eat on a regular basis. This is not the best season to be experimenting with food. Nothing ruins travel plans like an upset stomach and no one enjoys rushing to the loo every five minutes.

• Fruit salads with juicy fruits like watermelons, musk melons and cucumbers make for a very fulfilling and beneficial snack during summer. Eat plenty of fruits and give your skin the vitamins it needs to recover from exposure.

Saving the Skin

• Sunscreens are literally your summer body armour. NEVER leave home without them. Put on a sunscreen 10 minutes before heading out to let your skin absorb it completely. A sunscreen with an SPF between 20 and 35 gives ideal protection. Replenish your skin with after every 2 hours or so.

• An afternoon sun is the most dangerous thing you can expose you skin to. So, if you’re out between noon and 3, then give yourself maximum protection. Protect your skin with scarves, stoles, umbrellas etc.

• Travelling means dealing with dust, dirt and impurities. They cover your face and prevent moisturizers from doing their job and makeup from staying on. Clean your face regularly with face wipes containing cleansing properties.

• Apply an AHA enriched cream on your skin before going to bed.

Protecting your Peepers

• Tea contains tannin which helps in reducing dark circles and swelling. When you’re at leisure, put cool tea bags over your eyes to relax them.

• Dark circles can also be reduced by applying AHA enriched cream in a clockwise motion with the index finger.

• Shades are an essential part of any traveller’s kit. Use them to shield your eyes from direct sunlight.

Hair and Heat

• Perspiration can potentially damage your hair a lot. Sweat makes hair all sticky and dirty. Clean your hair every alternate day or so. Know your hair type and choose your shampoos and conditioners accordingly.

• Cover your hair and protect it from direct sunlight.

• Go with a copact hairstyle like braids or ponytails to avoid any perspiration damage.

(The author is the Director of ALPS Clinic and Academy)