Summer drink recipe: Home-made Orange Soda

A fizzy, cold drink with a dash of fresh orange for summers.

Summer drink recipe: Home-made Orange Soda


- 4-5 Oranges

- 4 Tbsp Sugar

- 1 Carrot - grated

- 100 ml lemonade

- 1 Cup soda water


1) Juice the oranges in a blender.

2) Strain the juice using a strainer.

3) Bring the juice to a boil. This will take 7 to 8 minutes.

4) Cool the juice and add grated carrot and sugar. Blend into a smooth liquid.

5) Pass the liquid through a strainer.

6) Take a glass and add this liquid to it.

7) Add 100 ml lemonade and top with soda water.

The orange soda is ready to serve.

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