`Alcohol contains as many calories as pure fat`

Dieters unwittingly undo all their good work by accompanying their meal with a drink.

London: Dieters stick to salad instead of dessert to control their weight but barely resist themselves from a glass of alcohol that contains as many calories as pure fat, according to a new study.

The study conducted by UK alcohol awareness charity Drinkaware revealed that many dieters are unwittingly undoing all their good work by accompanying their meal with a favorite drink, reports the Daily Mail.

A glass of champagne contains 95 calories, the same as a slice of treacle tart. A glass of wine is the equivalent of a choc ice at 134 calories, and two Yorkshire puddings could take the place of two gin and tonics, claimed the study.

Drinkaware said almost half of consumers are trying to lose weight, yet they have no plans to reduce their drinking.

The charity, which surveyed 2,000 UK adults, found one in three intends to monitor their calorie intake over the next month. But only one in 10 is thinking about tracking the alcohol they drink.

Less than a third of adults realized there are 134 calories in a 175ml glass of wine, but nearly half know there are 337 calories in a cheeseburger.

One pint of four percent beer is equal to a sugar-coated doughnut at 193 calories, and three pints of five per cent lager are a match for an all day breakfast, according to the research.

It suggested a link between drinking – especially binge drinking, or five or more drinks a session – and abdominal obesity, which can contribute to heart disease and diabetes.

Chris Sorek, chief executive of the charity, said many dieters did not realize a few drinks could make them pile on the pounds.

“While they might make healthy lifestyle choices in other areas of their life, they might not know that sharing a bottle of wine with their partner exceeds the daily unit guidelines and is the equivalent of eating a slice of cheesecake,” he added.


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