Beer belly? A perilous lifestyle disorder

For all those who don`t think twice before gulping a pint of beer and royally ignore their bulging bellies, it`s high time to take corrective action!

New their bulging bellies, it`s high time to cut down on parties and poor lifestyle and take corrective action!

And if you are a woman, happily laughing at the beer belly of your partner and thinking you are plain lucky, then it`s time for a reality check as women too get the affliction.

"The beer gut isn`t exclusively for the boys! Girls with beer bellies are often referred to as having a muffin top," Munira Jawadwala Kawad, nutrition expert at Gold`s Gym India, told a news source.

"Beer guts aren`t just a guy`s problem. Women who drink a large amount of beer can also get them," she said.

"Stomach fat is the most perilous kind. It leads to lifestyle disorders like diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol," Kawad said.

One must measure his or her beer intake, Kawad noted.

"If you drink only two glasses of beer you have taken in an additional 300 calories. Make that four and you have added an extra 600 calories to your diet," she cautioned.

"This doesn`t even count the pizza, chips and other junk food that most people eat with their beer. So if you`ve made a decision to try a change in the way in which you look and you really want to lose that beer belly, it`s time to lose the beer," she added.

Experts suggest a few lifestyle changes and a good exercise programme can make anybody`s beer belly flat.

"The number one thing is dieting and then exercises: crunches, sit-ups, ab lounges. One has to burn additional fat through cardio and decreased calorie intake," said Sheru Aangrish, a Mumbai-based fitness guru.

"Then tone up those muscles which lie beneath the fat layer through some kind of strength coaching that targets the core area," he added.

There is no short cut to get back into shape, but a mix of exercises like pilates, functional training, high-intensity cardio with a balanced diet will result in sexy and robust abs.

"Vegetables and fruits are very important. Reducing alcohol intake will definitely help. Try to eat small meals and avoid eating carbohydrates after six. There won`t be immediate results, but persistence will pay in this case," said Aangrish.

Aangrish also suggested a simple exercise that one can do any time to reduce belly fat.

"Place one of your fingers on your belly button. Without taking a deep breath try to move your belly button inward as far away from your finger as you can. Hold your belly button in for five seconds, working your way up to a minute. One can do this any time," he said.


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