China opposed UNSC expansion: WikiLeaks

China opposed expansion of the UNSC in 2005 by prevailing on the US, according to leaked US cable.

Beijing: China opposed expansion of the UN
Security Council in 2005 by prevailing on the US not to dilute
the prime position enjoyed by five veto-wielding members by
adding more as it would create "trouble" for them, according
to leaked US cable by WikiLeaks.

As the new emerging powers - India, Brazil, Japan and
Germany - made a strong case for UNSC reforms mobilising
international opinion, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister He Yafei
told a US diplomat that Beijing "was concerned by the
`momentum` that was building on UN Security Council reform,"
the leaked cable said.

He told the US diplomat that the position enjoyed by
current P-5 - China, Britain, France, Russia and United States
- should not be "diluted" by making it P-10.

"If we end up with a `P-10,` both China and the United
States would be in trouble," US charge d`affaires in Beijing,
Dan Piccuta quoted He as saying in his cable.

"Moreover, it would be difficult for the Chinese
public to accept Japan as a permanent member" of the Security
Council due to historic discard between the two countries and
asked Washington not to be "proactive" about it.

The US diplomat, speaking in April 2009, replied that
"no decision had been made about which countries to support
for permanent membership."

"It was hard to envision any expansion of the Council
that did not include Japan, which was the second-largest
contributor to the UN budget," he said.

For its part US endorsed only Japan when Tokyo along
with India, Brazil and Germany made the bid, which ended up
creating a major debate in the international forum, which some
other countries including Pakistan launching strong
campaigning against it.

China, which keeps repeating a standard line that it
understands India`s aspirations to play a bigger, apparently
was caught unawares when US President Barrack Obama endorsed
New Delhi`s candidature during his last month`s visit.

Chinese officials told their Indian counterparts
during recent talks that Obama`s endorsement came as a
surprise to them following which Beijing has said it was
willing to discuss with India on the UNSC reform process.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao was expected to provide
greater clarity to India`s case for UNSC permanent seat during
his visit to India in the middle of this month.


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