Cong only knows how to `grab headlines`: Swaraj

Sushma Swaraj took potshots at Rahul Gandhi`s act of tearing up a poll manifesto saying the party just wants to "grab headlines" through such acts.

Kanpur: Taking potshots at Congress general
secretary Rahul Gandhi`s act of tearing up a poll manifesto,
BJP leader Sushma Swaraj Thursday said the party just wants to
"grab headlines" through such acts.

Likening Congress campaign with Bollywood films, Swaraj
said the "script" of the party was "very poor" and with such
acts, they (Congress) will "grab space only at front pages of
newspapers and not in the hearts of voters".

The Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha was addressing a
poll rally.

"It appears that the Congress has hired a company which
gives it advice as to how to grab the media limelight. And it
is this company`s advice which makes Rahul tear papers and
Priyanka pinch her mother Sonia Gandhi`s cheek," she remarked.

Swaraj further said such acts can attract limelight and
add to the drama quotient, but these actions would have hardly
any impact on the electorate.

Claiming that there was an "under-current" in favour of
BJP, Swaraj accused Congress of ignoring issues related to
common man and said the party was clueless over some serious
questions raised by her party over issues like FDI, inflation
and religion-based reservation.

On Congress leader Salman Khurshid`s regret over Muslim
quota remarks, the BJP leader said such apologies do not
matter and if action was taken against him, such an act would
not have been repeated by Union Minister Beni Prasad Verma.

Commenting on the increase in poll percentage in the
Uttar Pradesh elections, Swaraj claimed the increased number
of voters are those who are turning towards the BJP.

She also asked her party leaders to exercise constraint
while campaigning.